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Complaints Procedure

AS Locks and Services are committed to providing excellent customer care and performing the service you hire us for. In all of our years of fixing and replacing locks, we’ve never had a single complaint! So this is a page we hope you never have to look for….

Our promise to you

We will perform these services:

  • With ‘reasonable care and skill’
  • In a reasonable time, if there is no set timescale agreed upon
  • At a reasonable price, if there is no price agreed beforehand

If you feel that our service ever fails in one of these areas, then that is grounds for a complaint. In addition to this, if you feel that specific agreements that have been made in our contract have not been met, then this is also a reason to complain.

Examples of specific agreements could include how long work will take, the nature of the work itself, and the cost of the job.

Making a Complaint

If you would like to make a complaint please approach us and let us know what element of the work you are unhappy about. Letting us know of your complaint as soon as possible may help us to resolve things and could prevent a small problem from turning into a larger problem. It is in our interest to resolve problems and have satisfied customers so please do not be anxious about approaching us.

As soon as we are aware of your complaint we will acknowledge receipt of it and we will investigate within a reasonable timeframe and communicate our findings to you.

If your complaint is proven we will provide one of the following remedies:

We will either redo the element of the service which is inadequate or perform the whole service again at no extra cost to you, within a reasonable time and without causing you significant inconvenience.

Or, in circumstances where the repeat performance is impossible, or can’t be done within a reasonable time or without causing significant inconvenience, you can claim a price reduction. Depending on how severe the failings are, this could be up to 100% of the cost. We will make a refund to you within 14 days of agreeing that you’re entitled to a refund.

It’s always good to talk, so if you’re unhappy with any aspect (we hope you won’t be) of our work, please get in touch and we will do our best to get it resolved.