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Misted double glazing repairs Worcester

Double Glazed Panel Repairs Worcester

If your double glazed window or glass door panels have started misting up, it’s a sign that your panels need to be repaired or in most cases will need to be replaced. Misting is caused when the seals around the UPVC window panels are starting to fail. We refer to this as a blown or a failed glazing unit. The good news is this is very easily repaired by replacing the panel with a new unit. AS locks and Services of Worcester specialise in UPVC window and door repairs and cover Droitwich, Wychbold and surrrounding Worcestershire area.

Misted UPVC Window and Door Glass Replacement

Even if you can live with the unsightly look of the misted glass we recommend you get the double glazed window panels replaced as you will find the window will not be insulating the property for both noise and heat. It will most certainly cost you more money to heat your home if the window is not replaced.

Double Glazing Repair or Replacement?

Although sometimes a repair is possible on a faulty double glazed window or door. We would usually recommend replacing the entire panel, this way you have a brand new glazed window unit, but also you have the peace of mind that the replacement glazing panel is fully guaranteed with a warranty to protect you from future problems.

Misted Glass Panels Before and After Replacement

Misted Glass Repairs Worcester

Our services include the replacement of blown and failed double glazing panels, UPVC window and door panel repairs. We can also help with misted conservatory glass panels, porch glass and patio doors.

Glass Replacement FAQs

Here are some of the common questions we get asked about misted and faulty glass window and door panels.

Will I need a new window frame?

As the fault is with the seal on the glass window panel, we only need to replace the glazed panel. As window glass technologly is changing all the time, we’ll likely be upgrading the glass to the latest energy standards making your windows far more energy efficient.

Is it worth repairing the glass, rather than replacing the entire unit?

If your window uses toughened glass or double glazing then we will most certainly recommend replacement over repair. All our replacement glass panels and window units are fully guaranteed.

Can drilling into the glass and inserting warm air solve the problem?

Misting is usually caused by a damaged or worn out seal and this is often relative to the age of the window. Yes, drilling a hole into the glass and blowing air between the panels is likely to temporarily fix the problem but unless the seal is completely replaced the misting is likely to return. We believe replacing the misted glass panel with a new unit is the most cost effective solution.

Misted Glass Panels Before and After Replacement