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Having problems opening your uPVC Windows or Doors?

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There are many reasons why uPVC windows and doors fail but do not despair because an experienced window and door doctor can help!

Whether you are inside or outside your property and you cannot open the door call a local locksmith to repair your uPVC window or door.  When your uPVC door will not open in almost all cases a uPVC door repair is possible and will be more cost-effective than a replacement uPVC door.  There are a few scenarios for a double glazed door that will not open but this is a relatively common problem for uPVC doors, and a uPVC Door and Door Lock Expert will be able to quickly identify the fault and repair your door.

Common problems for uPVC doors and windows include:

  • uPVC door will not open when unlocked
  • uPVC window stuck in the locked position
  • uPVC door not opening during hot weather
  • uPVC door not opening at the top/bottom
  • Double glazed door will not open from the inside or the outside

The cost of repairing a uPVC door

All of these common uPVC door problems can be repaired by a locksmith or a door doctor. In many cases, a new lock mechanism isn’t required and the door will simply need to be realigned. Sometimes a gearbox replacement is needed, or the latch follower is broken. An experienced locksmith will diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs to get your door fully operational again. Getting the door repaired will be considerably cheaper than replacing the uPVC door.

How long does it take a locksmith to repair a uPVC window or door that won’t open?

uPVC window and door repairs usually take around 30 minutes depending on the problem. If the problem is more complex or there are complications it may take your door doctor longer to repair the door, and there may also be the cost of replacement parts. This will obviously increase the overall cost of the uPVC door repair and the time it takes to repair the door. Occasionally there may be a window or door problem that cannot be fixed but, generally unless your door is very old or has been poorly installed, then a door repair by a locksmith is going to be more cost-effective than replacing the broken door with a new one.

Let’s take a look at the common reason why your uPVC door may fail.

Reasons why your uPVC door or window wont open

  • The uPVC lock mechanism has seized up.
  • The uPVC door has dropped and is catching in the locking points.
  • The uPVC door deadlock is not retracting properly.
  • The multi lock hooks on the door are not retracting properly.
  • The uPVC door gearbox mechanism has failed.

A locksmith will be able to identify the cause of the problem and what needs to be done to fix your door, and get it opening and closing as it should. In many cases, and particularly when the door won’t open when it is unlocked, the door may need to be adjusted. Adjusting your uPVC door can include re-aligning the door, adjusting the door hinges and keeps, and lubricating the door.

It is important that you do not try to repair the broken uPVC door yourself. Do not attempt to take the uPVC door lock apart yourself or drill the door lock or door handle. Attempting a DIY door repair may mean that a professional locksmith will be unable to make a repair and you will be faced with no alternative than to buy a replacement door. Using a professional locksmith or door doctor with experience in uPVC door and multipoint locks is the best solution for an effective uPVC door repair.

Repairs to a uPVC door that will not open

Depending on the problem with the door not opening and the cause identified by your locksmith one of the following may be necessary.

  • Adjusting the doors hinges
  • Lubricating the door
  • Adjusting the door keeps
  • Re-aligning the door
  • Replacing the uPVC door lock mechanism
  • Replacing the uPVC door gearbox

How can I prevent my uPVC door or window from not opening?

Maintaining your uPVC door will help to prevent the door from developing any of the above common uPVC door faults. Please see below our tips for maintaining your uPVC door to prevent it from not opening and to keep it in good working order.

Tips for maintaining your uPVC doors and windows

  • Inspect your doors and windows regularly and ensure they are in good working order
  • Using a good quality silicone lubricant, lubricate your uPVC doors and windows every six months.
  • Keep the sills of your uPVC door and windows clear and clean.

If you experience any problems opening or closing the door, or problems locking or unlocking your door then carry out the routine maintenance tasks above. If you are still experiencing faults with your door opening then contact a locksmith for assistance.