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A Local Locksmith is Always Best!

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As a small, local Worcester based locksmith business I like to support local tradesmen and small businesses.

Generally, I find this means I am dealing with an individual or a small team which saves time and repetition and whilst they don’t always have the benefit of scale, in terms of competitive pricing, they also don’t have the large overheads, so in some cases, one outweighs the other with a quote from a local tradesperson being competitive and cheaper.
Local Lockmith Worcester
Engaging with a reputable, local locksmith in Worcester, such as AS Locks and Services, means you will receive a consistent service from a business owner who is conscientious and works hard to uphold his reputation.

Many of my jobs are from repeat customers who have been pleased with the service they have received from me previously, or from personal recommendation from a friend or relative who has received good service from me. If you phone me, you get me. If you call me again in the future, you get me. When it comes to tradespeople, reputation and recommendation is everything and I pride myself on providing a great service which is fair, honest, and competitively priced. I want you to tell people about the reliable, skilled, well priced locksmith you’ve used, and recommend me to others.

Whenever I am employing a trade it’s often because the job in hand is not one I’m skilled to do myself or I simply haven’t got the time to do it. Where the former applies, that is, I’m not skilled to do it myself, then if I am to pay someone to do the job for me then I want to know that it’s being done properly, particularly where factors such as safety and security are concerned. When looking for a locksmith it’s important to ensure the locksmith you use is skilled and experienced and has 3rd party approval and accreditation such as being an approved member of the National Network of Approved Locksmiths.

My website is full of information about the services I provide, the areas I cover, the experience I have, and that I am an approved member of the NNAL (National Network of Approved Locksmiths). There are also many, many locksmith reviews from satisfied customers. These are genuine customer reviews either received directly or verified reviews from, Facebook, and Google.

If you phone a national locksmith, you will often speak to someone who is unfamiliar with your local area and will be unable to give you an immediate answer on whether or not they can help. They will most likely take you through a script of questions, will be unlikely to have any skills, knowledge or hands-on experience in the locksmith trade themselves, so will offer little or no immediate advice. They will proceed to say that they’ll get back to you This may or may not happen and it’ll take time while they go off in search of a local locksmith who they can assign to your job. In the meantime you may be stood outside your property waiting and feeling more and more frustrated. Or you may be in a position where you’re unable to secure your property which can be quite worrying.

If they get back to you it will be to tell you that a locksmith will be contacting you direct to discuss the job, give you a price and make arrangements to come out to you. Again, you’re waiting and wondering if this is going to work out, or is it back to the drawing board?

With a large national company it’s worth checking that all of the locksmiths they employ are skilled and have third party approval and accreditation. Just because a company is larger doesn’t mean it’s better! The skill and attitude of their workforce may vary. In some cases you may speak to one person yet be attended to by another. Any follow up calls or repeat business may be dealt with by completely different personnel. Some national companies will have large contracts with large corporate businesses and high street names and it may be that when push comes to shove that they will take priority over a call from a domestic customer or smaller contract. They’re big enough to cope with a small number of dissatisfied customers and sometimes this can mean they care less.

AS Locks and Services is a genuine, 100% local Worcester locksmith providing excellent customer care, skilled locksmith services, expert advice, quick response times, clear communication and competitive and fair pricing. I am an approved member of the NNAL and I’m proud to say that most of my work is obtained through customer recommendations. I hold the keys to the success of my business and I wouldn’t have it any other way.