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Locked Out? - Emergency Locksmiths Worcester

Emergency Locksmith

Below are a list of frequently asked questions we get asked about our emergency locksmith service. If you need an emergency locksmith or an emergency lock repair in Worcester, or the local surrounding area, please click on the link below.

What is an emergency locksmith?

An emergency locksmith is a locksmith that you can call at any time of the day or night to provide locksmith services, for example, if you have lost your keys and are locked out of your home, or if your lock has broken and you cannot access your property.

When do I need an emergency locksmith?

Generally, a problem with your locks would be considered an emergency if it is preventing you from gaining entry to your property. It could be that you have lost your keys or had them stolen.

Alternatively, you may need to call an emergency locksmith if you have a problem with your locks that prevents you from being able to leave your property safely in the event of an emergency.

A 24-hour locksmith may be required if you need to leave your property and you are unable to secure it because of a broken or faulty lock or because you have lost the keys, or they have been stolen.

You may need help from an emergency locksmith to help re-secure a property following a break-in and to carry out burglar repairs.

Whether or not your situation is an emergency really comes down to applying common sense. If your problem compromises your safety or that of your property and possessions and you feel it won’t wait until normal working hours, then you should call a local emergency locksmith.

What is the difference between an emergency locksmith and a normal locksmith?

An emergency locksmith will take calls out of normal working hours and will also attend your property outside working hours and at weekends to help you gain entry or resolve your issue.

How can I find a local emergency locksmith?

Ideally, you will already have a relationship with a reputable local locksmith or have had someone recommend one to you. It’s always worth finding out if they offer emergency locksmith services and have their telephone number handy or stored in your mobile phone.

Most locksmiths have websites, and if emergency locksmith services are something that they offer then this will be made clear on their website along with their telephone number.

If you call a locksmith out of hours and they do not offer 24-hour locksmith services, then there’s a good chance they won’t answer the phone. Their answerphone message will no doubt tell you what their opening hours are.

If you call a locksmith out of hours and they do provide emergency call-outs for locks repairs and property re-entry then they will answer the call, take a few details, assess whether they need to attend immediately, and discuss and agree on this with you.

Are AS Locks and Services reputable emergency locksmiths?

You can call AS Locks and Services with confidence. We have an excellent reputation and have over 20 years of experience in the locksmith trade in Worcester and the surrounding Worcestershire area including Droitwich, Wychbold, and Pershore. We pride ourselves on providing friendly, professional service at a fair price. Please take a look at our many customer reviews on Facebook, Google, and also here on our Customer Reviews page. We are National Network Approved Locksmiths, Trading Standards approved, we are fully insured and all of our work comes with a guarantee.

Do AS Locks and Services provide an emergency locksmith service in Worcester?

AS Locksmiths provide locksmith services and emergency locksmith call-outs for Worcester, Droitwich, Wychbold, and Pershore. If you are in or around the Worcestershire area please call us if you need help from a locksmith.

What do locksmiths consider to be normal working hours?

Normal working hours for a locksmith are generally considered to be Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm. Outside of these hours and Saturdays and Sundays are outside of normal working hours and will be classed as an emergency call out.

Does it cost more for an emergency locksmith?

The charge for an emergency locksmith repair is usually more than locksmith services during normal working hours. The cost will depend on the time of day, the location, and the type of repair. Some emergency locksmiths will also charge an out-of-hours call-out fee in addition to the cost of the repair.

How long will it take for an out-of-hours locksmith to attend my property?

An emergency locksmith will always try to attend your property to help as quickly as possible. Generally, this will be within 1 hour however, it will depend on the location and the distance to be travelled and also on whether or not they are on another job or have another booking. Your emergency locksmith will be able to give you an estimated time of arrival when you first make contact.

Can an emergency locksmith help secure my property after a break-in?

If you are unfortunate enough to be the victim of a break-in you may need help from an emergency locksmith to resecure your property. It could be that in gaining entry the burglar has damaged your lock or caused damage to your door and you are no longer able to lock up and keep your property safe. An emergency locksmith will be able to repair or change the locks, whichever is required depending on the circumstances or the break-in. Before any repairs take place, you should first contact the police for advice.

Will a locksmith need to break my lock to gain access to my property?

In most cases a skilled emergency locksmith will be able to gain access to your house without breaking your lock. Whether your lock is damaged, or your keys have been lost or stolen a locksmith should be able to get into your property and then offer you solutions depending on the circumstances.

Do out-of-hours locksmiths carry parts?

An emergency locksmith will carry the same tool kit and parts out of hours as they do during normal working hours. A locksmith will have replacements parts and components for many of the common door and window locks and mechanisms in use with their aim to be to complete a first visit repair or replacement lock.