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5 Popular myths about Locksmiths debunked!

AS Locksmiths Worcester Blog

There are many fallacies regarding locksmiths that have made their way into the lives of people which ultimately results in ambiguity about us.

I have addressed a few of those myths here so that the next time you need a locksmith, you can call without any hesitation!

Myth : Locksmiths should be called only when you are locked out or for other lock related emergencies.
Fact : A professional locksmith will have technical knowhow and experience of various services related to safety under his tool belt. For example, upgrading your current security system, providing upvc windows and doors repairs, automatic and mechanical garage door repairs just to list a few.

Myth : They have a master key that can open every kind of lock.
Fact : Locksmiths usually use a technique called impressioning to make a copy of your existing key. It can either be done by making a mould of the existing key or by using manipulation techniques to identify the exact intricacies of the lock and key system.

Myth : Calling a locksmith for their services is expensive and time consuming
Fact : Not all locksmiths are expensive. Some of us provide our services for competitive prices and we try our level best to complete the job as soon as possible to avoid any delay in providing our customers with a safe and secure home.

Myth : Vintage locks are just as secure as modern locks
Fact : Although vintage locks are aesthetically pleasing, they are not the best at providing safety. They can be easily broken into putting you in peril. Its recommended that you switch to a more conventional locking system to maximize security.

Myth : A locksmith does not have to be certified
Fact : It is true that not all locksmiths have to be certified to fix your locks, but having a certification definitely helps bring the trust factor up a notch. Is’nt it better to call a professional locksmith to ensure the safety of your house and family? I’ll let you be the judge of that!

Bottom line : It is always better to call a professional when it comes to safety and security of you and your family. Not all problems can be fixed with a DIY project. Rely on a trustworthy and certified locksmith to fix your locks. Have a happy and safe home!